Are you a corporation seeking to:

    • Develop internal talent?
    • Retain high potentials?
    • Accelerate on-boarding?
    • Expand your leadership development efforts?

Are you an individual seeking to:

  • Change, achieve a goal, or accelerate performance?
  • Deepen your leadership capabilities?
  • Overcome frustrations or recurring challenges?
  • Be more effective and fulfilled in professional and personal life?

Coaching may be right for you and your company if you are ready to take action for change. Executives, emerging leaders and managers work with Jean as a trusted coach, sounding board and partner to close the gap between performance and potential in leadership, execution, relationships, influence, self-management, work/life balance and more. Jean combines business knowledge and experience, keen insight and a coaching methodology to help clients make change to achieve a goal.

Steps to the coaching process:

Relationship: Based on trust, credibility, mutual respect, and confidentiality

Insights: Goals, questions, assessments, focus and program design for specific outcomes

Action: Structured program including meetings in person and virtual, co-designed practices for change, and support throughout

Continuous Improvement: Sustained change for ongoing growth and effectiveness